Toys have no gender - A4 Teacups - Amaranto Collection

Toys have no gender - A4 Teacups - Amaranto Collection

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Description: Typically society tells us that boys play with dinosaurs, cars and toy soldiers while girls play with dolls, make up and teacup sets. At Amaranto Collection, we believe that children are pure and spontaneous in everything they do, including games and role plays, and it’s important to embrace their creativity without imposing silly gender stereotypes. Our ‘Toys have no gender’ illustration, available in two different versions, aims to encourage children to play spontaneously and to see the world through their own lens. The design is intentionally realistic, to allow kids to recognise the toys illustrated in the poster for exactly what they are. The colours are intentionally strong and fierce, to underline their provocative message against gender stereotypes.

Let’s teach children to embrace who they are, to feel they can be themselves without the fear of being judged, and to respect other people’s choices. And let’s make them smile, with Godzilla hanging out with his purse or with soldiers in teacups trenches.

Because raising children who value and respect themselves and others means creating a generation of kind and conscious adults.

Artist: illustrated by Emanuele Ragnisco for Amaranto Collection.

Technique: pencil and digital colouring.

Paper: printed on off-white textured Pastel 160gsm paper.