Toy Color- 24 Watercolor Tablets With Brush

Toy Color- 24 Watercolor Tablets With Brush

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The pack of 24 watercolors that includes two champions: gold and silver!

The magic of gold and silver watercolors is an artistic expression that evokes a sense of luxury, elegance and mystery. These precious colors stand out for their brilliance, luminosity and ability to capture light in fascinating ways.

The pack of 24 Toy Color watercolors is an ideal product for recreational and school use. Any irregularities on the tablets attest to the original production system, according to which the tablets are dried naturally to leave the raw materials that compose them unaltered.

This kit is a “smart” set for various reasons:

  • It has 24 tablets with which to unleash your imagination.
  • two of these pads are metallic gold and silver, with unique reflections.
  • contains two brushes!
  • the lid of the package was designed to be used as a palette. Thanks to its shape, in which there are convexities, it is possible, inside the packaging itself, to mix the colors with the brush and a little water while keeping them separate, without the risk of mixing them together. This allows you to paint more comfortably, not being limited by the use of additional accessories that reduce the work space, such as palettes or disposable plates.

Why paint with watercolors?

  • It is a technique that offers a wide range of creative possibilities, allowing you to experiment with unique and luminous effects. This artistic technique is accessible to everyone, from beginners to professionals, and can bring joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in tackling the world of painting.
  • For Media Versatility: Watercolors can be used on various media, such as specially designed watercolor paper, sketchbooks, treated canvases, or wood, further expanding your creative possibilities.
  • Relaxation and Meditation: Painting with watercolors can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity. Focusing on colors, the movement of water, and creating shapes can be an excellent way to reduce stress and increase concentration.
  • Transparency and brightness: Watercolors are famous for their transparency and ability to create subtle tones. The shades of water and pigments combined can produce light and transparency effects that are difficult to achieve with other techniques.