Jobs have no gender - A3 - Amaranto Collection

Jobs have no gender - A3 - Amaranto Collection

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Description: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ is possibly one of the best things to ask children because you can get all sorts of answers. It’s great to see how their mind runs free and they aspire to become something different every day. However a gender-stereotype study conducted in the UK among kids of age 7-11, revealed that over 80% of them had a clear gender skew for specific jobs. For instance, 81% of children identified nurses as female and 88% of children identified builders as male. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that society carries gender roles and labels when it comes to the professional world.

Our ‘Jobs have no gender’ illustration aims to re-establish a healthy balance because we firmly believe that kids’s ambitions and professional aspirations should never be limited by gender stereotypes. Let’s broaden their horizons and allow them to dream to be anything they want to be, without restrictions. Let’s empower them to truly express themselves, based on their talents, interests and abilities, without clipping their wings.

Because raising children who value and respect themselves and others means creating a generation of kind and conscious adults.

Artist: illustrated by Nicoletta Carlotto for Amaranto Collection.

Technique: pencil and acrylic on paper, with digital touch ups.

Paper: printed on off-white textured Pastel 160gsm paper.