Colourflock 1 Piece With 6 Pearly Watercolors- Toy Color

Colourflock 1 Piece With 6 Pearly Watercolors- Toy Color

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Flocked velvet drawings with 6 pearly watercolor pads and a brush. The higher black profile helps the little painter to stay inside the edge, while the velvety surface is extremely relaxing in painting. You can choose from six different subjects (the circus theme, the dinosaro, the marine theme, the little mermaid …).

Making small works of art in velvet is simple and fun by coloring with watercolors and easily following the basic lines of the drawing. The designs are of different sizes, for large and small artists. Let yourself be conquered by the magic of colors in a pastime that combines art and game: we talk about coloring drawings, colouring, an activity loved by children of all ages that is winning over more and more fans even among adults.

Do you know what colouring means?
Colouring (the art of coloring pre-printed drawings) is a creative hobby – halfway between play and artwork – simple and affordable for everyone.

There are who love it because it promotes calm and meditation: just carve out a moment of relaxation, in the moments of pause to ease the stress and release the tensions filling with watercolors all the white spaces of the drawing.

There are who simply love to give free rein to their creativity to embellish the home or office with original objects, and it is precisely to meet all these needs that the original drawings to be colored in velvet are born. The “Colorflock” are coloring drawings with a feature: they are made of velvet, embossed, on absorbent paper.